How Jesse James Got A Ripped Body – From a Skinny Boy to an NPC Men’s Physique Competitor

Jesse James is a NPC Men’s physique competitor, bass player for Hindsight, and internationally published fitness model.

He calls College Station, Texas home and is an affiliate with Icon Meals, ambassador for, Harbinger Fitness, Evogen Nutrition, 6 Pack Fitness, Promixx, sponsored athlete with Egg Whites International and Swole O’Clock.


What prompted you to begin your fitness regime and get six pack abs?

Jesse James Gets a Ripped Body

Jesse James Gets a Ripped Body

My goal was never to really get a six pack – it was more of adding on a little size so I wouldn’t be a skinny kid. I was around 135lbs and had a very hard time putting on size.

I wanted to have a fuller body style when I first started working out.


How did you feel before having a ripped body?

I liked my body before, as mentioned I was skinny so I had abs – just no real size to me.


How did you feel about the various options available to you at that time?

I didn’t have any programs available to me, I just joined a power lifting program in high school so I started learning the basics there.


Can you please tell us about your diet and exercise routines?

Diet and Exercise are the Key to Six Pack Abs

Diet and Exercise are the Key to Six Pack Abs

Abs are all about your diet, there is not any amount of sets or rep numbers that you could “crunch” your way to a 6 pack.

It is also based on your genetics on how they look, some people have leaner longer abs, some are proportionate, some are not, and some people have 8 or 10 packs.

All I did was just diet down and eat clean to keep my body fat % down.



What were the obstacles that you faced in your journey? How did you overcome them?

My main obstacle was trying to pack on size, I was a hard gainer. I read up on everything I could about dieting and adding size in Flex Magazine or Men’s Health.

I just had to eat a lot to up my food intake. Once I did this I was able to diet down every summer and back up in the winter to go from 135lbs to a staggering 230 lbs.


Looking back at your journey, do you think you could have done something differently?

I don’t think so, unless I had a personal trainer available to me at the time that may have helped speed up my progress.

I was from a small town so there was no gym outside of the school’s weight room. That made it hard to really get with anyone that knew more than myself.


If someone is looking to get six pack abs and a ripped body, what would be your top tips?

A Good Diet is a Must for a Ripped Body

A Good Diet is a Must for a Ripped Body

Diet, Diet, Diet, I can’t stress that enough. You cannot workout a bad diet, clean up your diet and do it for longer than a few weeks to see the results.

My diets are around 16 weeks for a competition so keep that in mind, I don’t walk around shredded 365 days of the year.

Also stay away from fad diets or “juice cleanses”. Get with a real trainer or nutritionist so you can maximize your intake and fat burning.


Do you have a product of your own that can help people get six pack abs?

I do, I actually use products from Evogen Nutrition WITH a good clean diet.

I will use Carnigen Plus and Aminojet in the AM for my fasted cardio sessions. In the PM I like to use Aminojet, EVP Plus, and Glycojet during my workouts. Post workouts I’ll take a scoop of CELL K.E.M. and 2 scoops of Isojet whey protein.

If you’d like to try it out make sure to use my code 15OFFJJ to save 15% at


Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

I just want to say that you cannot get cut and big at the same time, you must be ok with putting on a little “fat” in the off season so you can grow in the cut season.

Doing this will allow you to add some size to your overall physique as you do not want to solely focus on your abs to have a more overall complete look.

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