How Skubby Jon See Got Six Pack Abs – A Success Story

Jon is 21 years old, and a to-be college graduate come May. He loves health and fitness from all avenues.

He is scheduled to become a certified personal trainer this April, and he is extremely excited for that.

He enjoys partaking in Spartan Races and all obstacle course races alike. He believes that potential is limitless, and we can achieve what we believe!

He operates a fitness blog ( where he actively posts articles on his workouts, his meals, or whatever happens to be on his mind. 


What prompted you to begin your fitness regime and get six pack abs? How did you feel before having a ripped body?

This is an interesting story. Prior to my workout days, I was what some people would call “Skubby.” This of course stands for skinny chubby, meaning I didn’t necessarily appear “big”, but I definitely could have gone and lost a few pounds.

Now I was a freshman in college. I was living on campus and experiencing the normal endeavors that any freshman receives. I was adjusting to all my new free time, less homework, video games, the dining hall, and parties galore!

Life was sweet. I hadn’t a care in the world about my body or fitness.

A Successful Journey - From Skubby to Six Packs

A Successful Journey – From Skubby to Six Packs

Through weekly calls home, I found out that my younger brother (2 years younger) had begun lifting weights. After hearing that, my train of thought stood as “yeah the muscles you see in magazines are cool, but no one ever really looks like that, right? My brother will probably stay the same”.

In the passing weeks, I finally made my first trip home to visit my family. Following hugs and hellos from all my loved ones, I asked my parents where my brother was. After receiving word that he was downstairs working out, I couldn’t help but check and see what/how he was doing.

To my dismay, as I opened the door I was shocked as a bigger, more muscular brother stood in front of me. BAFFLED! How did my younger brother make such a great transformation!?

As I talked to my father later that night, he went on to tell me of how much my brother had been working out and his devotion. I began to realize that these muscular bodies could actually be achieved by hard work!

I returned back to campus driven. I was going to endure the pain, I was going to sweat it out, I was going to devote myself to achieving a better body! My journey to building the best body I could started right there and then!


What did you feel about the various options or programs available to you at that time?

At the start of my journey, I really had NO CLUE what to do. For all I knew, a diet consisted of only eating salad and a workout entailed 1000 bicep curls and 500 situps. We had a pretty nice gym on campus, but upon every trip there in the beginning had me feeling like a fish out of water.

Jon See With Fabulous Six Pack Abs and a Ripped Body

Jon See With Fabulous Six Pack Abs and a Ripped Body

Thankfully, located on my floor was a good friend of mine who was very muscle driven as well. Seeking his advice, he drew me up a solid beginner’s workout program. Simple, 4 day split with light weight and moderate repetitions.

Truthfully, this program was just what I needed. I took that sheet of paper with my workout on it to the gym with me every day and I began to learn my way around the weights. I slowly started to grow.

Feeling the pain of sore muscles and the difficulties of sticking to this lifestyle was nuts. The whole cycle was vicious. I would work out, get sore, and debate quitting. Workout, get sore, debate quitting. Day after day.

Fortunately, I never quit! I continued to think about my brother and his gains and persisted to strive forward.


What did you do to develop six pack abs? Can you please tell us about your diet and exercise routines?

First and foremost, developing a six pack takes time! Abs do not appear overnight, otherwise everyone would rock abs.

In my eyes, abs form through a few factors.

Healthy and Nutritious Food is a Must for Muscle Building and Six Packs

Healthy and Nutritious Food is a Must for Muscle Building and Six Packs

One: Diet. If you’re eating junk and overdoing your daily calorie intake, you’re not going to get abs, plain and simple. You need to have a low body fat to have a six pack.

Low body fat is obtained through consuming fewer calories than your daily calorie requirement. So by filling yourself with wholesome, quality calories and eating a sufficient amount will aid you there.

Two: Compound lifts. Compound lifts are crucial when building abs in my opinion. I believe this because a compound lift incorporates more than just one muscle group.

So for example, the squat, you incorporate your gluteus, hamstrings, and calves, to name a few. The more muscle you work, the more calories you burn during the exercise and during recovery. This will help you meet your daily calorie requirement.

On top of the calories, compound lifts also fire up your core to stabilize you! So now you are getting the entire package. Huge calorie expenditure and core work! Not to mention compound lifts will help you build a great deal of muscle.

The more muscle you have on you, the better your body composition will be and the higher rate your metabolism will run at.

Three: Water. Water is huge because many people simply do not consume enough water in a day. By drinking a great deal of water, you flush your body of any excess waste and toxins in your body. It also frees up fat cells.

Water also aids in an increased metabolism. A metabolism that is running strong and fast will help you burn more calories. I sound like a broken record but when your burning more calories, you’re more likely to burn more fat!


Can you share some specifics of your diet and exercise routines?

In terms of my diet and ab program, I try to keep everything as clean and simple as possible. I buy and prepare all my food while on a tight budget so I don’t really have the capability to relish in fancy organic food or anything like that.

I stick to these basic foods daily: Egg Whites, Whole Eggs, Oatmeal, Leafy Spinach, Chicken, Turkey, Veggies (Asparagus, Broccoli, Kale), Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, and All Natural Peanut Butter.

I consume either 5 or 6 meals daily depending on what time I wake up. I drink at least a gallon of water daily and also take a multivitamin and Apple Cider Vinegar once with breakfast. These foods are boring and repetitive, but they help me progress with my goals so I don’t mind eating them!

With my ab routine, I again stick to the basics. In today’s society, there are 500+ ab exercises out there and the number is increasing as we speak.

On top of the compound lifts I perform (Squats / Deadlifts / Overhead Press / Bench Press), I will do Rope Cable Crunches, Ab Wheel / Roller, Toes to Bar, Weighted Crunches, Russian Twists and Cable Lumberjacks. These exercises have worked well for me and really dig deep when performed correctly!


What were the obstacles that you faced in your journey? How did you overcome them?

The toughest obstacle was definitely getting started and staying consistent. I really had no clue what I was doing at the beginning, so basically I was going into the gym confused and pondering and leaving feeling unsatisfied.

Learning the ropes and understanding the concepts of building muscle just took time, trial and effort.

Also, waiting on progress. Whenever you begin in a new project, whether it is weight lifting, learning how to drive, or sewing, you expect results fast. Weight lifting takes time just like anything else. I wanted to see my biceps explode after my first week of training.

Jon With a Ripped Body

Jon With a Ripped Body

As we all know, that’s not how it works. You certainly need to learn to be patient if you want to succeed in this sport.

Overcoming these obstacles is the best part! In order to overcome these obstacles, you really have to take the time and go the extra mile.

I pushed through my lack of gym knowledge and continued to go. I rented books and read about the science of building muscle. I searched the internet and muscle magazines and researched what foods muscle men were eating and routines they were following.

From there, I put my thoughts and research into action! You get a sense of what works for you and what doesn’t.

The best part is though, you never stop learning. You continue to pick up information here and there along your journey and you apply what you deem necessary. Even to this day I am still learning and discovering new information about muscle, diet, and training that I didn’t know before.


Looking back at your journey, do you think you could have done something differently?

Looking back at my journey THUS FAR, I definitely could have done A LOT differently.

Even when I started training consistently, I never paid attention to my diet. I still ate and drank crap. I didn’t realize that you can’t out train a bad diet. I used the excuse of “its ok I can eat that, I workout” way to many times!

Nutrition is the fuel that feeds your engine aka your body and muscles energy. If you’re putting in junk fuel, you’re not going to go anywhere fast. Getting in adequate proteins, carbs, and fats will be the root to your success.

Also, I can seriously only recall doing curls when I first started. It’s somewhat comical. Thinking back to my early stages, I cannot remember ever getting under the squat bar or laying down on the bench. I just remember doing a lot of curls.

If I was to have incorporated compound lifts and the focus of progressive training from day one, I’m sure I would be light-years above where I am currently.

But am I ashamed of it? Absolutely not. Making those mistakes early in my journey is what has made my progress to date so bittersweet. I have learned from my mistakes and bettered myself all the while.

I love how my journey has unraveled and I am very thankful for it all. It’s not just about how far you have come though, it is about seeing how far you can go!

I got to keep going! The sky is the limit…and then some!


If someone is looking to get six pack abs and a ripped body, what would be your top tips?

My top tips would be such: Make sure your diet is tight first off. By feeding your body properly, you are planning yourself for success.

Take the time and prep your meals for the day in advance. Have everything ready well in advanced so when it comes time to eat you have a healthy, muscle building meal already in your hands. This will help you fight temptations of fast foods or something quick and convenient that is more than likely unhealthy.

Also, drink a lot of water!

Fabulous 6 Pack Abs

Fabulous 6 Pack Abs

Don’t focus solely on abs. The abs will come. Focus on building a more muscular overall body. Follow a weight training program that focuses on the compound lifts and continue to move up with your weights. This will help you put on more muscle and increase your metabolism and body composition.

As this occurs, your body will become better at “nutrient partitioning” and delivery nutrients to muscle rather than store as fat. You will feel better, liver healthier, and look overall better. What would you rather, an extremely skinny individual that has abs because you can see their spine or a built, rugged looking warrior with abs? You decide.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the journey you are traveling on. See the body you want in your mind and work for it. Don’t stop working for it either. It won’t be easy, and there will be one thousand obstacles that get in your way, but you need to believe in your abilities to overcome those obstacles.

Everyone that achieved the goal they set out to accomplish faced and overcame obstacles, so don’t think that when the road gets bumpy it is only bumpy for you. All successful individuals dealt with their battles and won. That’s how they got to where they are.

You need to believe in yourself, face your fears, and overcome! In every action you take, see yourself getting closer to your goal.

With every bite of chicken you take, see that body you want. With every rep you push out, see that muscle you want developed, and with every ice cream you pass up on, see those abs you’ve always dreamed of.

You can do it; you are capable of it, now set your mind on it and go get it!


Do you have a product of your own that can help people get six pack abs?

As I mentioned earlier, I have a fitness blog where I make a daily post. I post my daily workouts, meals, and tips for all my readers to take in and utilize as they so choose. That can be found at

I am also a Cellucor Sports Affiliate. I use a great deal of their supplements and they have certainly helped me along throughout my journey. Check out their website and use my code JSRESULTS at checkout for 20% off and free shipping.


Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview first off. It was a pleasure taking part in this and thank you How They Got Six Pack Abs for asking me to take part in such an event.

I hope for all of you that read this find some of my information helpful and use it to benefit you in your journey! If you have anymore question for me whether it be in regards to myself, training, diet, supplementation, or anything at all, contact me at and I would be happy to help you anyway I can!

Let’s keep motoring! Heading to the top!!

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